The Current State of the Surety Market


The Fedeli Group’s Kevin Keller will lead a look into the current state of the surety market, from industry loss results to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Kevin will also talk about the importance of working with a team of professionals, including a professional surety agent, to maximize your bonding capacity.


How to Finance Fixed Assets and Sales Growth in a High Risk Industry

by Todd W Wade – Senior VP, Key Bank

Most banks have designated the construction industry as high-risk, which has made it hard for contractors to find the capital needed for fixed-asset purchases or sales growth. This session will address Small Business Administration (SBA) programs that are available to small businesses that are not able to obtain conventional financing on favorable terms. The flexible loan terms can help a company conserve cash and better plan for the future. Use of SBA programs can turn a decline into an approve.


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