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Panel Discussion:
Contractors — What Keeps You Up At Night?

ROOM 1 Have you ever lost sleep over a job’s tight profit margins? Or maybe the newest complex regulations in taxes or health care? Or an employee relations issue? You’re not alone. So don’t miss our wrap-up interactive panel discussion — led by you. Come share your concerns, further the conversation in Mid-Ohio construction and…

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Top Five Contract Pitfalls and Opportunities for Contractors

ROOM 1 What are the top five contracting terms a contractor should look for before signing a contract with an owner on a commercial construction project? And what language should the contractor propose as a compromise to unreasonable contract terms? This session will address common clauses in construction contracts that increase contractors’ risks on a project and…

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The Affordable Care Act: The Next Chapter

ROOM 2 Join us as we explore the history of the ACA from initial passage through 2016. From initial regulatory guidance to financing the law and practical fallout, we’ll dissect its components to give a practical roadmap to employers. Most pressing for many employers today is the “dust settling” after the initial filing of IRS…

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Common Succession Planning Techniques
and Maximizing Your Return

ROOM 1 Succession planning can be a difficult process since both financial and nonfinancial aspects need to be considered. One must not only look at the tax effects but also analyze the ultimate goal when it comes to related parties. This session will discuss advantages and disadvantages of four common succession planning techniques: asset and…

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Tax Strategies for the Construction Industry

ROOM 2 There are numerous tax planning ideas that can benefit construction companies as well as their clients. Despite significant savings, many are often overlooked and underutilized. This session will cover several tax minimization strategies, including cost segregation, energy efficiency incentives for both commercial and residential construction, and tax credits for renewable energy.

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The Current State of the Surety Market

ROOM 1 – DUAL SPEAKER PRESENTATION The Fedeli Group’s Kevin Keller will lead a look into the current state of the surety market, from industry loss results to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Kevin will also talk about the importance of working with a team of professionals, including a professional surety agent, to maximize your bonding…

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Trends in Construction Technology:
Mobile and the Cloud

ROOM 1 What are the latest trends in construction software, and how can you get the most advantage out of them for your business? Chad Ode of Foundation Software will review some of the most recent changes in the industry, including the growing shift to cloud computing. We’ll look at what it is, how it…

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Breakfast / Registration
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